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We Are Nerdhaus

As a whole, we...

  • Speak English, German, and Spanish, have an interest in Farsi, Hebrew, Japanese and Danish, and can sort of read Swedish subtitles to How I Met Your Mother
  • Have been to Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Connecticut, Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Minnesota, Vermont, Arizona, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Alaska, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Montana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland
  • Have traveled to Canada, Croatia, England, Greece, Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Japan, Switzerland, Austria, and Lichtenstein
  • Have lived in Oregon, California, Indiana, Washington, Wisconsin and New York
  • Can create websites, cook delicious gluten-free meals, do house electrical wiring, design business cards & t-shirts, silk screen, make videos, practice Tai Chi and Hatha, Bikram, and Kundalini yoga, cook desserts without sugar, use a darkroom, make things out of clay (hand built and on the wheel), build swords and do leather work
  • Can play the piano, cello, clarinet, oboe, trumpet, saxophone, spoons, and accordion
  • Travel by bus, car, bike and foot
  • Can program in PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, Perl, C#, C/C++, Basic, and MIPS Assembly


Nerd Stuff

Project Ideas

Our notes on various projects we are working or want to work on

Systems Info

Account setup instructions

If you either have lived, will live, or currently live at Nerdhaus, you have an account.

  • Your wiki username is your first name (lowercase)
  • Set your password
    • Your email address is firstname@projectnerdhaus.com (all lowercase)
    • You'll have to contact Aaron to get your initial password
  • After setting your password, you can come back and log in to the wiki. Enter JUST your username when logging in to the wiki, not the full email address.

Once you're logged in, you can edit and create pages!