Geohashing 2008-10-11

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See our page on XKCD's Geohashing wiki!

What is Geohashing?

Geohashing is a Spontaneous Adventure Generator, brought to you by the xkcd webcomic.

Here is the official coordinate calculator:


The odds that the XKCD Geohash meetup will fall within a reasonable distance on any given Saturday is very small. When we discovered that Saturday’s was only about a 30 minute drive, we had to go! We got a group of nine together, got some snacks at the store, and headed out!

The location was right at a boat ramp into the Willamette river. There was a parking lot and a road leading right up to it and everything! The hardest part was reaching the exact coordinates, since they were in the middle of a little patch of trees and bushes. We spent a while moving around until the GPS said we were at the right spot.

Unfortunately (and somewhat surprisingly) we didn’t meet up with any other Geohashers. Hopefully there will be more at the next nearby meetup!