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Planning the Nerdhaven Project

This stuff is copied from our old wiki, written in 2005. This is where we were discussing plans for the house with friends and future roommates.


Nerds. Geeks. Dorks. Misfits, Scientists, Hackers, Gamers and Freaks.

Welcome Home

About the Nerdhaven Project

By now you've got to be wondering, "What the hell?" To clarify, we're making a nerdcore house. The information on this page is the creamy, filling, delicious "nougat" that you've all been waiting for. If you think of something that would be really cool, suggest it! Go ahead and leave comments too! You can edit most pages if you log in.

Current estimate for a finished product + house party: In Limbo

Note: There will be no fan fare in the building of the house. For example the theater room will not be the bridge of the enterprise. Also, the house's name will not be Chloe from 24. Everything we do is original... We can always sell out later.

Mission Statement

The goal of THE NERDHAVEN PROJECT is to create a demand-satisfying domicile conducive to the needs of discerning upwardly-mobile alternative-lifestyle technologically inclined university-level students within the greater Eugene area. Utilizing the latest available building techniques, THE NERDHAVEN PROJECT will implement cutting-edge socially catalytic and synergetic design along with the highest-quality local-expert-construction digital and analog lifestyle-augmentation innovations.

THE NERDHAVEN PROJECT is not an equal-opportunity employer. Jackass jocks, egotistical fratboys, sketch drug dealers, womanizers and ganking Night Elf rogues are not welcome, and will receive massive amounts of transfigurative force applied to thier genitals before being shackled and held in the basement for our amusement.

Our Motto

But shouldn't we be, like, studying?


Here are some sketches of one of our ideas for the house we had planned to build.

Dining Room

The Dining Room

Main Entry

View from the front door


The Kitchen


A list of suggested rooms for the house:

  • TWO LARGE EXCREMENT REMOVAL CENTERS WITH ROCKET TOILETS - Seriously, you'll be able to flush small children down these things.
  • GARMENT REHABILITATION ROOM - The Wizards wash their dirty robes here.
  • THE DISORIENTATION ROOM - aka the bar.
  • THE INCONVENIENCE HALLWAY - This is the hallway where people will stand and constrict movement during big parties, hence causing vast ammounts of inconvenience. We plan to line the hallways with portraits of the "original geeks," like Tim Berners Lee, Bill Gates and Einstein.
  • THE MOST ENTERTAINING STAIRS IN THE WORLD - With a built-in television and cup-holders in the walls.
  • MANUAL ELEVATION CONTROL AVENUES - The stairs leading upstairs will, unfortunately, not be so cool. Sucks to be them.
  • THE RECORDING STUDIO - (Yes. The whole basement needs to be sound-proof. You can also rent out the studio to make money. ~k)
  • THE GAMING ROOM - Our piece de resistance
  • Hot tub

What do we call it?

So we want to give the house a name. Something catchy, so people will say "we're going over to the _____ house for a game night." This is also going to be the name of the central computer, the one that controls the lights, audio, temperature and responds to voice commands. :)
  • Ataraxia - a Greek term for tranquility, peace of mind, serenity, a disposition free from stress. Sages debate whether ataraxia is the first step in hedonism. (I like this one - Peter) (Too "Xanadu" ~Katy) (I like hedonism ~!Sean)
  • Naughtia - This was the name of Peter's old bass guitar. However, we could run into problems if there is ever a hot russian blonde guest over named "Nadia." Oh, to have such problems...
  • Dos Hill - Das, DOS... (lame chuckling) the down side is that it is not a female name, but it is worth mentioning. Since its going to be on a hill, in a forest pretty much... How bout a name that has to do with the location of the house, maybe in Latin or some other cool language? In Elvish? Amon Fen, Amon Taura, or even the Last Homely House? Ok so those are all LOTR references, and that totally goes against the no-fanfare-policy. I just had to throw it out there. Cuz you know my house (someday) is gonna be called Imladris. ~Katy
  • Sylphie - I can't remember where I heard this one, but it sounds cool. However, it's awkward to say, and would probably make the central computer absolutely unusable while inebriated. (sounds like a nickname for syphillis. ew. ~k)
  • Natalya - Or any other hot chick hacker name. This is the name of the Russian chick (counterpart to Boris) in Goldeneye with the computer skillz that makes you drool.
  • Morgana - A little on the goth side, but it sounds cool.
  • Technaraxia - A state of total geekification. One-ness with the digital lifestyle.
  • Freya - Because goddesses kick ass. Especially Norse ones. And its NOT fanfare, its religious ...fare... (This one sounds really cool ~Peter)
  • Lexika - I just like it. (So does this one ~Peter)
  • P00tx0r! - 1337 to the m4x, d00d (so ..must not be...~k)(Sounds like "Puta" which is the goddess of tree pruning~Sean)
  • Lusia - A version of Demeter that was a bathing woman.
  • Mytilene - The Capital of Lesbos!
  • Maia - Wife of the Roman god Vulcan.
  • Abeona - In Roman Mythology it was a Goddess who protected children when they left their parents home.
  • Nortia - Etruscan goddess of fate and chance.
  • Cynthia - Patron Goddess of hunters
  • Aegae - A Greek city now known as Vergina
  • Inanna - In Chaldean Myth was the daughter of Sin and goddess of Love and War... In this house, All is fair.
  • Aegis - Sounds cool. Said ee-gis.
  • Aetechre - just playing with cool word sounds
  • Aphexeon - too Aphex Twin? alterations?
  • Phoexea - pronounced Fayzeea ?
  • Ein gedi - This is the Hebrew or Arab name for an oasis outside Jerusalem with lots of waterfalls.
  • Cassandra - Greek chick.
  • Cicero, Juno, Luce, Perdita, Nerissa, Nym, Valentine/Valeria/Varrius/Varro - Shakespeare names. Just trying to be thorough.
  • Kinoko - I think it is from a video game, but it sounds cool.
  • Valhaus - A good mix of Norse and German.
  • Rexis - Its just like Dinotopia, but less blatant!
  • Sparticus - ... he is a freaking gladiator with a name that roles off the toungue in an entertaining way.
  • Vladimir - Russian accents rock.
  • Loki - Continuing with the Norse mythology... Loki, god of mischief. Much awesomeness could occur with a computer named Loki controlling the house! (I love it! ~k)
  • HAN - Home Area Network. "HANey! I'm hoooome!"
  • Metron - Greek for meter. The platinum-iridium bar that was once the standard for a meter was built in a cross-section X. This X could be our symbol.

Fanfare Graveyard:

  • Chloe - This is the name of CTU's top computer hacker in 24. This is probably already ruled out, because we don't want to make the house fan-based. The only reason it's been suggested is because Peter can't stop drooling over her.

(I like this one too.....mmmm....Chloe.... - Peter)

  • Lucy - So innocent.
  • Dee-Twenty - It hasn't been done before, it's short, and it's pretty cool. (Whoever thought this one up must be a genious. ~Peter)
  • XERXES - I know it's fanfare, but its obscure fanfare. This is the name of the creepy-as-hell AI that killed a whole bunch of people in System Shock II. Xerxes is the greek translation of Khshayarsha which is Persian for 'ruler of heroes'.

Central Computer

Ideas for our central computer from the old wiki:

Sean and Aaron are taking on a large and multipart computer programming expedition to build the ultimate home automation enviroment. Our plan is to start building and blogging it at some point this summer.

We are building a voice interface where we preprogram commands into a queue and then speak the name of the computer followed by the magic word and the command will execute.

We have a few different output methods

Things the monitors display:

  • Photogallaries on using advanced logic and catagorization.
  • Videos
  • Music Visualizations
  • Words

Things the speakers will play:

  • Play music
  • Speak IMed text aloud
  • Automated greatings that include information like phone and e-mail messages

Lights: The lights will be able to flash different colors in timed sequance creating an array of different effects.

Keycard: The key card system will collect data about when and who enters and use this data to make clever customized greatings.

Suggestions: Intercom functionality

Home Entertainment

This is where we get to talk about the computer setup for the entertainment center, and what we're using from who.

The Cable Modem/DSL line should come into the dining room side, to minimize electrical interference with the TV and also because it will have less chance of being bumped. It will go straight into a router which will allow all the computers in the apartment to have access to the internet. We will also have a wireless router so that if Rebecca or Peter want to have a computer in their rooms they can connect without running a wire upstairs.

Main Media Playback

This is the machine that we'll use to watch our recorded/downloaded TV shows. This is also the one that will play music and show Winamp visualizations for the living room.

Aaron: I have a P4 motherboard I could use for this, but I would need to buy a processor for it. I saw a 2.2ghz at newegg for $115. Other than the processor, I have everything we need for it, including a video card with a TV-out port and a gigabit network card. Sean, if you have a better suggestion for this machine, let's hear it.

RAID File Server

Aaron: This will be my huge full-tower case. I'm putting 4 160gb and 4 200gb hard drives inside, and it will run RAID 5, for a total effective capacity of 1000gb. It will run Linux. It will be on the gigabit part of the LAN. We will store all our music and videos on this server.

HDTV Recorder

Aaron: I am working on getting a processor for a motherboard I will use for this computer. I need an AMD Athlon processor between 1400 and 2400, but not faster. This machine will run Windows XP, and be dedicated to recording HD shows. We can set timers to record shows weekly, and they will be stored on an internal 160gb drive (or two). I also need to figure out how to encode the MPEG-4 stream into a DivX format (hopefully preserving the 5.1 channel audio), and once that is done, I will move the recorded show to the file server, over the gigabit network. This will have a video-out directly to the TV and digital audio out to the surround receiver.

Public general use computer

This will be in the study area, for anybody to use when they come over.

Aaron: I can help with this computer, but I don't think I have enough parts to make a complete system.


We'll use Sean's very nice 30" flat-tube TV.

Aaron: I have a 21" (I think) TV we can use for something. Maybe an extra TV for video games only? If you think it would be useful I can bring it.

Surround Sound Receiver/Speakers/Subwoofer

Aaron: We'll use my 5.1 channel receiver with 4 speakers and a large subwoofer. That's what was in my dorm last year, and sounded very nice if I may say so.

DVD Player

Aaron: Sean has a DVD player but it can't play burned DVDs. I have a really cheap DVD player, but it works and plays burned DVDs. We'll probably set up both. Or maybe just mine.


Sean has a VCR. It works. Let's use it.

Keycard Entry

We are planning on adding a keycard entry to the front door of our house.

This will allow us to give out cards to friends, so that people can come and hang out whenever they want, but still give us the freedom to revoke access if a friend is possessed by a demon twisted or looses their card.

Stepping Up to the Bar

So a true battle has begun. The lines have been drawn and all hell has broken loose.

What floor do we put the bar on. Small elves have suggested that we put it in Sean's room, but the majority of the hardened warriors want it to put it either in the Basement or the Main floor.

Let me list a few advantages using deconstructionism and then write holistic articles of what the experiences of both entail.

Now we are just collecting ideas for what the pros and cons are. In a week or so we will take a poll. Please add your thoughts below.


Main floor bar

(this would most likely mean it would be in the theater room)


  • Convenient and casual access to alcohol
  • Good for impromptu parties
  • Don’t have to leave a movie or TV show to get another drink
  • Makes snacks and sodas and other non-alcoholic goodies readily accessible


  • Would have to be a bar where you face the wall so that it won’t block the tv…
  • It would encourage drinking at many of the social events (this could be good as well)
  • It would be only a small bar with a counter against the wall. Probably no sink since the kitchen wouldn't be too far away
  • Duplicates some of the functionality of the kitchen, and since the main floor won't be all that big, the kitchen and theater room are necessarily in proximity.



  • Eugene Law helps prevent cops from going into a basement
  • Can be a full bar that someone can stand behind, with lots of room for shelves, a mini fridge, a sink. It would have a counter against the wall for making drinks, and also a counter facing the room for serving.
  • With a sink and fridge, it leaves room for the possibility of turning the basement into a studio apartment, adding value to the house
  • There would be room for an ice machine!


  • Inconvenient to go back for more… especially down the stairs when I can’t work my feet well.
  • No open air access leading to the possibility of a smell…

Sean's room

Reminds me of last year... On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm soooooooo drunk!

Holistic Visions

I will write this once I have gotten some more sleep.

Crackpot ideas for the bar

Make the bar move from main to basement floor via elevator

Elephant Graveyard

These were the ideas that were so cool that God couldn't let them live. What a dick.

  • Pneumatic Mailbox
  • Fishtank Wall
  • Rotating Bed (Peter's bedroom)
  • Spiral Staircases
  • Laundry Chute
  • Firepole
  • Dance Pole
  • Porthole
  • Machine gun nest on the roof
  • Fireplace
  • Dumwaiter (800 lbs. max.)