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The Story


The Nerdhaus Gin and Tonic was born when Aaron took a sip of Schweppes out of the bottle and realized not only that it had sugar in it, but that it contained more than most sodas.

One Google search and several minutes later, we realized that the authority on DIY tonic water is Jefferey Morgenthaler. Conveniently, Jefferey tends bar at Bel Ami, which is only a short walk away from the Nerdhaus. We went to Bel Ami to try their house gin and tonic and quickly realized that we'd need to have a fairly constant supply of home made tonic on hand.

The only bad thing we can say about this recipe is that 'normal' gin and tonics won't taste very good after you've had one of these.

The Drink

Pour over ice, serve with a lime wedge.

  • 1oz Nerdhaus Tonic
  • 2oz gin (12 Bridges or Cascade Mountain are excellent choices)
  • 4-5oz soda water


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