Modular Magnetic Whiteboard

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One problem with my current whiteboard setup is I tend to run out of space quickly. Especially if I'm working on multiple projects and need to leave stuff up for them. Another problem I run in to often is I wish I could just move things around, instead of rewriting and then erasing them.


Buy a big sheet of whiteboard material, and slice it up in to many pieces of varying sizes, anywhere from 4x6 to 8x10, and other interesting sizes like 6x18 or 4x12. All of the pieces should have magnets attached to the backs. Then we just need a big piece of thin sheet metal to attach to the wall, and you have a modular whiteboard where everything you write down can be moved around freely!


  • 4x8' sheet of whiteboard material from Home Depot
  • 4x8' sheet metal, cut down to 4x4 or 4x6
  • Adhesive-backed magnets (Neodymium are strong)