Indian Night 2008

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Saturday, October 17, 2008

Preparing veggies for a tasty dinner!

A combination of home grown veggies and interesting spices made this a tasty Indian dinner. We made Jaipur Vegetables with hand-made Paneer Cheese, along with Mango Lassi and Coconut Rice Pudding for dessert.

We started thinking about what to make around 7pm, which of course meant that dinner wouldn’t actually be eaten until much much later. A shopping trip to Capella later, and we had two bags full of veggies.

The first thing the Jaipur Vegetable recipe said to do was to dry-roast the cumin and coriander for 8 minutes over medium heat. It sure seemed strange to toast the spices, but I have to say they smelled delicious afterwards!

While boiling all the vegetables, we decided there wasn’t enough liquid in the pot, so we added another cup of water. For a while there I was nervous that it wouldn’t actually turn into a curry and would be too watery. But after a while, things thickened up and it started to look like actual food.

We didn’t sit down to eat until about 11:30 as usual. And that was even without the rice pudding being done. After eating most of a large bowl of rice and vegetables, we were all pretty full, except Corey. He proceeded to finish Callie’s bowl, and drink another lassi. By the end, we were all too full to actually eat rice pudding, so we saved it for the morning.

Whenever we cook, we always manage to leave out one or two ingredients. This time, we forgot to add the shredded coconut to the rice pudding, and also forgot the agave syrup in the mango lassi. Both turned out delicious anyway!