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This is just an outline of what will eventually be here. Each section might actually need its own page, cause some of these will be really big. I just need a place to start filling things in.



  • aka The Dorms
  • Sean/KC/Aaron ran network cables between their dorm rooms to stream videos and music
  • thirsty thursdays/music video nights
  • Midnight Common Grounds visits
  • We had a website which looked like a unix terminal: douglass.walton.uoregon.edu

The Planning Stages


We called it "The Nerdhaven Project," although the house had no name yet. We had plans..big plans.

The Apartments


pic-aaronp.jpg pic-beccam.jpg pic-clayp.jpg pic-peterl.jpg pic-seant.jpg

We spent a year in McKenna Estates, sharing two 2-bedroom apartments on the lower floor. We treated the two units as a single apartment. We used one as the home theater/gaming side, and the other had the kitchen and computer area for studying and generally more quiet activities. Most of the time we left the doors between the apartments wide open and moved freely between the two.


McKenna floorplan with furniture.gif

In Spring term, KC decided to move in with us. Given that there were no spare rooms, and Clay was already occupying one of the laundry rooms, KC settled for the two closets under the stairs. One was filled with a mattress, the other had some shelves for his stuff.

  • Movie nights
  • Shiny Party
  • Post-Apocalypse Party
  • ...other parties
  • There are lots of photos to post, coming soon!

The Construction Period


pic-kcc.jpg pic-nickc.jpg pic-victorb.jpg

  • The Mouse Attack - by Nick Cummings
  • will try to find old drawings to show the floorplan as it changed
  • there are plenty of photos of the whole process, torn up roof, etc
  • we went through a lot - leaky/missing roof, sleeping on couches, etc

The Transition Period


pic-chandal.jpg pic-charlotteg.jpg pic-ilanap.jpg pic-ivanb.jpg pic-jenniferc.jpg pic-jeremyl.jpg pic-jessier.jpg

  • aka Winter/Spring/Summer 2008 when we burned through like a dozen roommates
  • there are probably some good photos

The Snug Year


pic-tristanw.jpg pic-aaronp.jpg pic-amandar.jpg pic-tracyd.jpg pic-joshy.jpg pic-coreyb.jpg


  • Nerdle is born! and the gradual realization of home automation
  • Lots of extravagant cooking

What's next, NerdPlex?


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