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Feature Wish List

  • Internet connectivity via wifi and cell phone - when the car is in range of a wifi hotspot, it should be able to use that connection. For on the road, it should be able to use a cell phone's EVDO or 3G connection. The wifi should have a roof-mounted antenna.
  • GPS logging - the car should log and transmit GPS coordinates at all times even when the car is turned off. This component should be completely invisible when sitting in the car, so that in case the car is stolen you'd know exactly where to find it.
  • Cameras (front and rear) - the cameras should take snapshots at regular intervals when the car is running.
  • Always-on? - if it doesn't take too much power, the computer should always be on. This would let us do cool things like remotely take a photo from the outside cameras, or lock the car doors, etc. The monitor can be turned off when the car is turned off, but the computer should stay running.
  • Temperature Sensors - inside and outside, maybe also in the engine compartment. Constantly logging, could send alerts when the temperature is too hot or cold.



Touch Screen



  • Bondo - for sculpting things into the dash

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